June 24 2018 0Comment

Festival of San Giovanni 2018

Again this year, the Festival of San Giovanni will be celebrated in Turin.  On the 24th of June, thousands of people will congregate between Piazza Castello, via Roma and Piazza San Carlo to see the light and music show.  This year the show includes a special attraction, a luminous drone light show, the first presentation of its kind in Europe.
A series of measures were taken to assure the safety and regulate general security at the event.  GAE Engineering provided the safety plan assuming the maximum presence of 20,000 people in the piazza.  The access points for ingress and egress will be monitored with an app, patented by GAe, installed and operated on smartphones and tablets by the attendants whose responsibility it is to control access at the designated entrances and exits.  Once through the controlled access points, one can move freely throughout the event area.
Signs are posted to inform the attendees of how to behave to maintain overall public safety, what to do in case of emergency, the rules to be respected, and general indications to follow to facilitate leaving the area.