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Modeling crowd movement in large scale events, the case of “Storico Carnevale di Ivrea”


Safety engineering: the associate GAe engineering srl and Cantene srl presented the study in Washington: Modeling Crowd Movement in Large Scale Events

On the occasion of mass events, urban spaces (squares, historical centers), even though they are historically and architecturally conceived as aggregation spaces within the polis, do not often comply with the requirements of current standards in terms of escape routes (removal from event). The associate OICE GAe engineering srl presented in Gaithersburg (Washington – USA) in early October the study “Modeling Crowd Movement in Large Scale Events, The Case of Carnival of Ivrea”, conducted with the partner Cantene srl and related to the design and mass movement management at public events. The presentation of the safety plan developed for the Ivrea Carnival edition 2018 highlighted the distinctive elements of an integrated project that allows for an informative and predictive dashboard on the basis of which the various security professionals involved can perform their own best assessments. In particular, the numerical simulations defined by GAe, shared and developed by Cantene, are a valuable tool that allows to elaborate numerous ex-ante scenarios in order to evaluate times of exodus, effectiveness of the system of escape routes under various crowding configurations, statistics of time spent in queues and crowd dynamics in crowded squares where processions and / or parades pass.

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