Prestazioni / Service:
Cliente / Customer: Carrefour property S.r.L.
Localizzazione / Location: Nichelino [TO], Italy.
Dati dimensionali / Dimensional data: 39,930.00 m2
Cronologia / History: 2015: project – in progress
Importo / Price: € 400,000,000.00
Progetto Architettonico / Architectural project: R&P Engineering S.r.L.

Classico Nichelino Shopping Centre

Classico Nichelino Shopping centre consists of one main building with 47 commercial activities integrated with other 15 activities [public premises, semi-commercial activities and personal services]. Inside the urban lot, the execution of a technology centre serving the whole building complex is planned; such centre is constituted by a building placed inside the hall of the shopping centre, made up of ground floor, first and terrace floor.

During the operations, it has taken on the following responsibilities and carried out the following activities:

Fire Prevention Project

Fire safety SCIA[1]


GAE Engineering was supported by Cantene during the stage of modelling and data entering for CFD simulations.

[1] SCIA= Italian acronym for “Certified Declaration of Business Start-up”.

[2] FSMS = Fire Safety Management System