Prestazioni / Service:
Cliente / Customer: Vela S.P.A.
Localizzazione / Location: Venezia
Dati dimensionali / Dimensional data: 75.000 persone
Cronologia / History: 14 Luglio 2018

Festa del Redentore Venice 2018

The festival for the Redeemer in Venice is an event that takes place on the water with fireworks  on July 14, 2018, on the foundations of the area of ​​San Marco, Dogana / Zattere and Giudecca / Zitelle , it’s a feast that celebrates the patron of the city . The GAe Engineering Team supervised the event from a Coast Guard vessel used as the Situation Room(SR), which also hosted members of all law enforcement agencies. Also on the SR is the contact person of Vela S.P.A., organizer of the event. The approach used for this event was scientific, it is a dynamic project, and all evaluations are supported by a calculation program. Among the innovations compared to previous editions, there are more indications on the banks, not only the way out, but also the areas dedicated to the disabled and those of emergency vent, called “rally point”, it is a further precaution on counter-terrorism: closed places, such as courtyards and private gardens, identified to host a part of the crowd where it was needed.