Prestazioni / Service:
Cliente / Customer: Comune di Torino
Localizzazione / Location: Torino
Dati dimensionali / Dimensional data: 35.000 persone
Cronologia / History: 2017/ 2018

Festa di San Giovanni - Turin

The “Festa di San Giovanni” in Turin, is a feast that celebrates the patron of the city and attracts thousands of people in Piazza Castello, is a maximum of 20 thousand people, in via Roma and piazza San Carlo, to watch the spectacle of this edition, a show of light drones, presented for the first time in a European city. A series of measures have been taken to ensure the smooth running of the event, has a security plan that provides for the presence of more than 20 thousand people in the square, app, patented by GAe, installs on smartphones and tablets provided to employees in charge of to control the 12 access points to the controlled area, where you can move freely, once the security checks have been completed. A system for signs has been created, which is what I thought facilitated an easy flow of the crowd.