Prestazioni / Service:
Cliente / Customer: RCS Sport
Localizzazione / Location: Italia
Dati dimensionali / Dimensional data: Eventi che coinvolgono da 1.000 a 15.000 persone
Cronologia / History: 2017, 2018

Giro d'Italia 2018

The Giro d’Italia is a men’s cycle road cycling race that takes place on Italian roads every year. The event, established in 1909, is part of the International Cycling Union in the UCI World Tour professional circuit and is to be considered one of the most prestigious stage races. The event is developed along a race track  extended and routinely not delimited to the outside (with the exception of the buildings where present), where therefore the people present can move freely to watch the rapid passage (a few minutes) of the athletes and the Caravan of the Giro; only along the first kilometer and the last of the race are present barriers to delimit the route and also in correspondence of these areas people can access and move freely. It follows that for the event organizer it is not foreseeable, neither quantifiable nor verifiable the presence of the spectators. Since this is an ordinary configuration, the skills related to the aspects of public order and security  of these areas are in charge of local administrations and law enforcement agencies active in the area, since they are in fact the management of the Order Public and therefore not falling within the scope of responsibility of the organizer of the event. GAe took care of the Safety & Security of the event, fielding the responsible staff, who followed the departure and arrival stages making sure that the preparation and dismantling of structures, tents, portals, plants, stands, etc. are implemented as required by legislation. This year along the routes of the race it was possible to notice the placard that with indications for present on how to behave for the purposes of their own safety and that of the collective, as well as ensuring the proper conduct of the event, each sign is designed in compliance with the particularities of every single stage.