Prestazioni / Service:
Cliente / Customer: Nüssli
Localizzazione / Location: Rho fiere, Milan
Cronologia / History: Construction 2014 - Disassembly November 2015
Progetto Architettonico / Architectural project: Francisco López Guerra

Mexican Pavilion – Expo Milan 2015

The Mexican Pavilion was easily recognisable from the outside for its shape: a cob coming out from a bind of dried ears of sweetcorn, clear reference to one of the symbols of the Mexican gastronomic culture. The totomoxtle-shaped walls (the dried ears of corn in nahuátl language), made with transparent fabric, filtered the natural light and lighted up the spaces. At the entrance, there was a big magnolia which branched out into a water flow that, together with the adjacent garden, evoked the chinampas, the artificial islands created by the Toltec, which added a lot of momentum to the agricultural development of the Country. On the tables around the magnolia, there was a bar serving drinks with the antojitos, the traditional Mexican street food.


In the scope of the intervention, it has taken on the following responsibilities and carried out the following activities:

  • Documents collection for the fire safety certification
  • Fire safety and emergency management plan
  • Fire safety project