Prestazioni / Service:
Cliente / Customer: AI - Regione Piemonte
Localizzazione / Location: Turin, Italy
Dati dimensionali / Dimensional data: The base of the building measures 38x42 metres, H= 183.61 metres for a total amount of 42 floors, 41 of which intended for office activity
Cronologia / History: 2009: project 2012: Site set-up
Importo / Price: € 227,000,000.00
Progetto Architettonico / Architectural project: Massimiliano Fuksas – AI studio – AI enginering – Geodata - Manens

Palazzo unico della Regione Piemonte (Region seat)

The project consists of the construction of the tower building [H = 183.61 metres] intended for office activity with a service centre [auditorium] and a parking area distributed on 2/3 levels. The building, arisen from the need to join together the seat of the Region today spread in several locations of the Turin metropolitan area,  is an example of innovative technological construction [in terms of technological saving and environmental sustainability] which forms part of the refurbishment and redevelopment project for the area of Turin.

In the scope of the design project, it consulted RTI about the following aspects:

Contents of the Safety and Coordination Plan, with a special focus on the subdivision of the intervention into lots, especially for the assessment of the interference-related aspects associated with the construction of the infrastructures and the works along the route Lingotto – Bengasi of Metro line 1. Within such scope, it evaluated the management of the construction site with reference to the possible completion of the construction works of Metro line 1 in comparison with those of the Region offices.

Drawing up and subscription of the fire prevention strategy for the request of the authorization, with a special focus on the fire resistance characteristics of the internal façade and the maximum area of the compartment. Elaboration and subscription of ASL (Italian Local Health Authority) certification with reference to the aspects associated with the compliance with the requirements of workplaces.

As official contractor of  Ing. G.G. AMARO- DERNS Spa – ARUP Srl group, it took on the role of Safety Coordinator during the execution stage along with the support to the Project Management for the project execution.