Prestazioni / Service:
Cliente / Customer: Westfield Milan SPA
Localizzazione / Location: Segrate - Milan, Italy.
Cronologia / History: 2012 – work in progress 2017 – pending start-up
Importo / Price: € 1,000,000,000
Progetto Architettonico / Architectural project: Westfield

Westfield Milan Shopping Centre - Segrate

Westfield Milan is a facility dedicated to amusement and shopping located in the outskirts of Milan. The shopping centre consists of two levels scattered in a “figure-of-eight shape” around two central islands dedicated to sales. In the north wing of the project, there are luxury shops located in the ‘Luxury Village’. There are department stores located at both the south-east and south-west corner of the project. At Level 1 and Ground Floor, there is one hypermarket and an area dedicated to amusement.

The central mall consists of three floors; the last floor gives access to the restaurants and the amusement area, which includes a multiplex cinema.

On the perimeter of the facility, there are buildings with garages on different levels. The distance between the garages and the buildings of the shopping centre is at least 10 meters. The access to the shopping centre from each garage is constituted by bridges open at the sides that lead to the “welcome areas”.

There is also a parking under the shopping centre at Ground Floor, designed with a height of approximately 5 meters from the ground to the ceiling.

During the operations, it has taken on the following responsibilities and carried out the following activities:

Specialist support for the development of the project

Fire Prevention Project

Support to Construction Management – Firefighting Operating Department

Fire safety SCIA