Prestazioni / Service:
Cliente / Customer: Setup Live
Localizzazione / Location: Rho fiere, Milan
Cronologia / History: Construction 2014 - Disassembly November 2015
Progetto Architettonico / Architectural project: Michele De Lucchi

Zero Pavilion - Expo Milan 2015

The project of the Zero Pavilion, directed by Davide Rampello and designed by Michele De Lucchi, introduces the visit to the Exhibition Site of Expo Milan 2015. What man has been capable of creating since his appearance on the Earth until today, the changes in the natural environment, the culture and the rituals of consumption are the starting point for any future plan. The Zero Pavilion is the ideal place to narrate this extraordinary journey with an emotional and direct design language. According to the Augustinian concept of time, past, present and future coexist in the soul: the present of the past is memory, the present of the present is vision, the present of the future is wait. Therefore, what this journey leaves in each visitor is actually the need to find a driving force towards something new, something different, something else.



In the scope of the intervention, it has taken on the following responsibilities and carried out the following activities:

  • Technical assistance for the licence application and safety management
  • Fire safety consultancy