AN - Fire Consulting

GAe Engineering is the point of reference in Italy for developing and applying performance-based solutions to fire safety. Our experience with fire testing, research, fire modeling, and our regular involvement with the authorities in developing the codes makes us uniquely qualified to provide fire strategies and obtain approvals of performance-based approaches to fire safety for every type and scale of project we encounter.

While the prescriptive criteria of traditional code compliance provide a baseline level of safety and is a perfect fit for the fire protection needs of some of our clients, for many others, a more strategic interpretation of the code is necessary to realize the project concept.  We use fire and smoke modeling tools when necessary to enhance the fire protection strategy and to demonstrate that the design meets (or exceeds) the intent of the building code.

Our team also has extensive experience developing and applying state-of-the art software tools to evaluate hazards and assess risk.

Our services include:

  • Fire Prevention Strategy
  • Fire Prevention Design
  • Performance-based Fire Prevention Design
  • CFD Modeling Engineering and Smoke Evacuation Simulations