R&D - Research&Development


GAE Engineering has been working for several years in the field of innovation in the construction and safety and, as a natural consequence, in the last years has started to invest internal resources in R&D in strategic sectors for the company such as participatory and automated safety, low environmental impact design and construction of intelligent buildings and large infrastructures.

Winner of its first European funded project in 2020, H2020 FAST SMART (www.fast-smart.org), GAE Engineering can offer multiple competences in the field of research and development:


  • Design of functionalised materials with smart properties
  • Testing of innovative materials for building sectors in real working conditions
  • Design of intelligent and efficient energy systems
  • Interconnections and management of intelligent systems
  • Construction and testing of smart buildings
  • Design and Management of smart cities systems and infrastructures
  • Development of methodologies for demolition of buildings
  • Demolition of buildings and development of methodologies for recycling


  • Digitalizazion of safety standards
  • Digitalizazion of anti – fire standards
  • Digitalization of procedures for the organization and management of large public events


  • Innovative methodologies for safety management in construction sites, public places and events;
  • Development of advanced software for the simulation of mass behavior during catastrophic events;
  • Automated methodologies for security management in large-scale events;


  • Low environmental impact design of buildings, plants and infrastructures;
  • Design of advanced anti-fire and security systems;
  • Development and application of innovative/eco-compatible materials in the construction sector;
  • Environmental impact analysis (Life Cycle Analysis, Life Cycle Cost, Life Cycle Engineering);


  • Adaptation of commercial premises, buildings, facilities, public and private infrastructures to safe reopening anti – COVID;
  • Adaptation of turistic resorts and cities to anti – COVID measures
  • Design of anti-COVID equipment (masks, protective suits);
  • Development of dedicated software and simulation techniques;



H2020 FAST SMART (www.fast-smart.org)

GAE Engineering won the first EC Horizon 2020 project in 2020, in collaboration with Prof. Yi Qin from the University of Strathclyde (UK), coordinator of H2020 FAST – SMART Project. The project started on April, 1st 2020 and has a 4 years duration. The consortium is constituted by 13 partners of excellence from all Europe (United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, France, Belgium, Germany).

FAST SMART is dedicated to the development of FAST and Nano – Enabled SMART Materials, Structures and Systems for Energy Harvesting and will cover different application sectors from solar panels to hybrid engines. As company leader in Green and Safe Design, GAE will carry out the Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Cost of the new devices and will contribute to develop efficient recycling and reuse methodologies.

Dr. Maddalena Rostagno has been appointed by the consortium Dissemination and Exploitation Manager and will lead the activities of promotion and commercialization of the project results.

Dr. Maddalena Rostagno, doctor in Materials Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, R&D Coordinator for GAE Engineering. After a long experience as R&D Manager in the research center of a multinational, she developed a 25 years experience in the preparation, development and application of private and European funded international projects (EC FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020, SMARTEUREKA). Project Monitor and Evaluator for DG Research of the European Commission, Dissemination and Exploitation Manager for EC projects, authors of various publications and presentation in international conferences.